Free Electronic Cigarette Sample Pack! For Real?

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Just the name “electronic cigarettes” sounds like something expensive doesn’t it? A couple years ago, this would have been completely true but today many companies are putting out disposables as well as completely free electronic sample kits of various sizes. Naturally the first thing you picture when you see the word “free” is something that would be sold in a gas station and probably wouldn’t work too well or have any frills.

Most sites you’ll find by searching for “free electronic cigarettes” or “free e-cig trials” will give you some kind of bait and switch leading you some recommendations they want you to pay for but we’ve taken to time to actually track down a few companies that offer some awesome deals and have legitimately free e-cig sample items. We will get to those in a bit but first lets give e-cigs a quick rundown so you know what they are, how they work and whether or not it’s something that interests you in the first place (it will, trust me).

What Are The Health Concerns of Smoking E-Cigs?

This is the most common question people are going to have about any type of free electronic cigarette samples and it’s an important one. Luckily, the brands we’ve checked out pretty much offer exactly what they sell, it’s just free (minus shipping of course). E-cigs offer you the satisfaction of smoking a normal cigarette, just without all the tar, chemicals and other materials you inhale while your paper and tobacco burns.

With an e-cig you’re inhaling water vapor. That’s it. Liquids come in two varieties and these are PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin). PG people will say is in anti-freeze and therefore must be horrible but what they don’t understand or refuse to research themselves is that PG comes in two forms: Industrial grade (antifreeze and such) and Food grade (Many sugar free foods, ice creams, food coloring).

The PG you’ll find in any e-juice is always food grade and is perfectly safe. You probably eat 10 times as much per day without knowing it than you’d inhale with an e-cig in a month.

VG is very common in tons of health and beauty products as well as foods. It’s basically a sugary liquid extracted from various plants. They sell it in pharmacies for consumption so that should be a pretty good safety indicator.

So, Who Offers These Free Samples??

Ok, this is why you’re here so let’s get to it since we’ve explained what e-cigs have in them and put some myths to bed.

As of this writing, there is only one company I would recommend as the others have basically gone out of business within 1 year of starting up (never a good sign).

Fifty 1 E-Cig >>

Fifty 1 offers a free e-cigarette trial program where you can get a FULL starter kit for just the price of shipping. This tends to be around five bucks. In the kit you’ll get a two week supply of cartridges, a battery and a charger. This is all you need to try out your e-cigarette and decide whether or not you like it.

What’s The Catch?

Ahh, the catch. There really isn’t a catch to these. You get a free e-cig sample kit and two weeks worth of cartridges. I think that’s pretty nice. You will have to sign up for a monthly delivery of refills but you can cancel that if you decide you don’t like it. The monthly prices will vary a lot depending on where you get your sample from so just read the agreement without clicking through it wildly.

My Advice

Since I know a lot about e-cigs and ordered a free sample e-cig for the sake of this review, my advice would be to check out Fifty 1 E-Cig and see if it works out for you.

E-cigs are all pretty similar really. They look like normal cigarettes and are extremely easy to use. They come with disposable cartridges but I DO advise you to hang on to them for later refilling should you decide to stick with it (and I think you will).

You will still need to order more cartridges of course so I’d probably let that monthly billing cycle hit once so I could have a large amount of cartridges on hand. They do burn out and if you decide to start refilling them, even a months worth could last for quite a long time before you have to order more.

Good Luck!


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8 thoughts on “Free Electronic Cigarette Sample Pack! For Real?

  1. ok, this is a rip off, beware all. it is $5 but after 14 days they charge your credit card for over $100 for the kit, there is NOTHING free about any of these offers. dont believe me read the fine print on the order page.

    • yeah it’s all written there but it IS free for 2 weeks. Just keep track of it and send it back if you don’t like it. Also, that $100 initial charge is for the price of the kit and 30-day supply of refills. Compare that to 30 days of smoking regulars and it’s still cheaper. After that, price drops significantly per month for the 30day supply. You can drop out of that program whenever you want too. Remember the CD or Movie clubs where you buy one, get X free then pay later? It’s just like that.

  2. I try Electronic cigarettes and i really love that, i must say peoples must try 1 time and they definitely switch to e cigs thanks for offering a Free e-cigs…

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