Electronic Cigarettes – List of 20 VG-Based E-Liquid Suppliers


American eLiquid Store has been around for a couple of years and is a company you can visit to stock up on quality VG-based E-liquids at a great price. They offer 60mL bottles for just $29.99, have a huge selection of tobacco and non-tobacco flavors and you can customize the amount of nicotine and flavoring you want. They have over 30 flavors available and often have amazing clearance sales.


Cignot is a great one-stop shop for VG eJuices. They have 12 full pages worth of flavors in your choice of nicotne strength in normal VG-based liquid as well as 2 pages of the “EcoPure” line of 100% VG eJuice which is mild tobacco flavor and an extremely clean “all day vape”. The regular VG-based stuff is $9 for 20mL and EcoPure is $15 for 15mL or $25 for 30mL.


Cigtechs utilizes eJuices in a variety of categories such as “volt” and “high caliber” that offer tasty flavors like Cinnabon and Tiramisu among your more traditional flavors like Vanilla, Menthol and an assortment of tobacco flavors. This site is good for “samplers” as 10mL only costs $5.95 so you can get an assortment to test out relatively cheaply. Most of their ejuices are VG-based but the ones that aren’t will be labeled (50/50) after you select them.


The DIY Flavor Shack is a wealth of e-cig resources rolled into one comprehensive site. This is an awesome site for someone looking to fool around with different flavor combinations but also sells pre-mixed juices with a whopping 41 pages of different flavors that are ready to go in the nicotine level of your choice. 10mL bottles are just $8.00 making this a samplers dream come true. This site can’t be beaten when it comes to flavors, recipes and eJuice resources.


Electro Nic Stix features almost 40 flavors of E-Liquid with unique blends such as honeycomb, apple pie and grape lime rickey. This company uses a 50/50 PG/VG blend so isn’t as VG-based as some but it’s worth having on this list due to the amazing flavors available. You can get 10mL bottles for $6.50 each with larger bottles available as well.


E-Liquid Planet has over 20 pure VG ejuices in flavors such as tobacco, whiskey, fruits and candies. They offer 15mL bottles for just over $10 and have nicotine amounts from 0mg-24mg. If you don’t see a flavor you want, you can use their innovative DIY shop to buy everything you need to make your own unique eJuice creations.


InnoVapor doesn’t have a massive flavor selection and instead focuses on the most pure VG-based product you can find. You can select regular, menthol or unflavored (to flavor yourself) varieties in seven different nicotine strengths. They have a whopping 125mL bottle available which is perfect for the DIY flavoring crowd.


Intellicig features two distinct E-Liquids and these are the RiZE and ECOpure blends. The RiZE blends come in a variety of flavors while the ECOpure only has a few available. I haven’t tried the RiZE blends as of this writing but the ECOpure is fairly beloved by e-cig users as a very clean, good vapor producing eJuice that’s great for daily use.


It’s hard to find a better deal on VG juices than Mist-Stix. You can get a huge 30mL bottle for $3-$7 depending on what’s on sale and that is very hard to beat. They currently have over 30 different VG flavors available.


My Freedom Smokes has 26 tobacco and 16 drink/candy flavors available in their VG selection. You can get 10mL bottles for about $5 and they frequently have clearance and closeout sales as they rotate new flavors in and old flavors out.


My PV Shop primarily sells a brand of eJuice called “Dekang” which is extremely well known in e-cig circles and is one many people first try out when they decide to try new flavors. This is one of the only companies that offers a PG alternative called PEG but also has pure VG available. The most popular Dekang flavor is RY4 which is a sweet and nutty unique tobacco flavor.


Vapor 4 Life developed a great reputation for quality eJuice very early in this market with their “Nobacco” line of eJuices. These are well known for their accurate representation of popular brands like Marlboro. You can get 30mL bottles for $12.50 in the Nobacco variety and it’s the same price for their unique beverage flavor line called “WOW”. They have a beer flavor that’s very interesting.

VtVapor.com (Vermont Vapor)

Vermont Vapor has 25 flavors available in staples like the popular 555 and a variety of fruits. These ejuices come with a lot of options and they have great deals on sampler packs quite often. You can get 30mL bottles here for $20.


Juicy Vapor is one of the most popular eJuice companies around and this is due to the amazing amount of flavors they have. It’s hard to even estimate how many exactly are available and that number grows exponentially thanks to their “mix it yourself” section where you can custom order whatever you want. They offer sizes up to 70mL in pure VG. Try the “French Toast”, it’s amazing.


E-Juice USA has many different flavors available and have a great price of $7.99 for a 30mL bottle of VG-Based E-Liquid. You can also select a VG/PG mixture that opens up a whole other door in their flavor shop. They have many unique sweet flavors like double chocolate and fireball.


Johnson Creek is best known as a company that has nailed the formula for various tobacco flavors. They have a few lines of eJuice but the “Red Oak” line is the VG-based eJuices. They have about a dozen pure VG flavors that primarily focus on mild tobacco flavors that you’d use all day long.


Ecig Express has tons of eJuices available and you can sort them by PG, VG and flavor line. As of 2011, they offer 17 pure PG flavors and many more in a PG/VG mix. If you’re a menthol smoker, you have to give their “Nport” flavor a try. Most of their PG ejuices are fruity flavored and produce tons of vapor.

Alien Visions (avejuice.com)

There’s only a few eJuice manufacturers out there that are completely beloved by most e-cig users and AVE is one of them. Their eJuices are simply one of a kind. Their “Boba’s Bounty”, besides having a great nerdy name, is one of the best sweet tobacco based flavors I’ve ever tried and their “Havana Gold” is the best cigar flavors around. You can get 20 different pure VG based flavors and you’ll definitely be happy with their service and products.


Ejuice Monkeys has a whopping 382 flavors as of 2011. Yes, 382. Each one can be fully customized in nicotine strength and liquid base. You can get pure PG, pure VG or a combination of both. It will be hard to find a company that offers more flavors anywhere. I haven’t tried this company myself just yet but it’s on my to-do list for sure.


Sweet Vapors has a wide selection of VG liquids available and have a very interesting “beta” flavor section where they offer some experimental flavors to see how people like them. They often have amazing deals and sales and a nice DIY flavoring section.

Things To Keep In Mind

Everyone has different tastes and different levels of “willingness to experiment” so this list should cater to most everyone. Don’t want to sort through 400 eJuice flavors? Stick with Cignot. Have an adventurous nature and want to try bacon or roast beef flavors? JuicyVapor is the place for you.

Half the fun of vaping is being able to try new flavors and have a good time doing so. Some companies like Alien Visions are very customer service oriented and if you don’t like a flavor, they’ll usually make it up to you on your next order.

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