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If you have kept up with the latest news on the e-cigarette you have no doubt heard about the controversy going on with the FDA wanting to regulate the product. In fact, the FDA seized shipments of two e-cigarette companies stating that e-cigs are “drug delivery devices”. The companies sued the FDA and the judgment was in favor of the e-cigarette companies since the product has no tobacco in it, the FDA cannot regulate it.

Comparing the E-Cig to Analog Cig

I don’t understand the resistance to e-cigs. Let’s look at a few facts. Traditional cigarettes have more than 4000 chemicals and most are carcinogenic or have the ability to cause cancer. A smoker only smokes because of an addiction to nicotine – if you removed all nicotine from cigarettes, the smoker would quit. In and of itself nicotine has never been proven to cause cancer or any other serious health problem. The traditional cigarette also has the passive smoke element, which is harmful to non-smokers.

The e-cigarette on the other hand, has zero carcinogens. There is no burning of tobacco so the user is not inhaling the chemicals and thus causing tar to build in the lungs. The e-juice is nicotine and glycerin. There is no second hand or passive smoke element since when tested the exhaled vapor is just nicotine and water with a few trace substances that are non-cancerous. People that vape heavily on a daily basis do not develop smoker’s cough, wheezing, and congestion like traditional cigarette smokers do.

Doctor Reviews – What Would Your Doctor Say?

My father had a massive heart attack several years ago and he was a chain smoker for many years. Even after the heart attack, it was difficult for him to give up smoking. When the e-cigarette came on the market, his doctor recommended he begin using it in place of cigarettes. My father felt like he was getting his daily dose of nicotine and still getting healthier. He has not smoked an analog cigarette since he began vaping.

My doctor is also in favor of e-cigarettes and while he cautions that long term studies are yet to be conducted, he also concludes they are safer simply by their makeup when compared with traditional cigarettes. He also told me that it was time that professionals in the health care field begin to realize that some people simply cannot break the addiction to nicotine and therefore providing a safer alternative is key.

If you are vaping rather than smoking, have you told your doctor? Depending on how up to date your doctor is on the subject will determine their response. A friend told me that her doctor discouraged her from using the e-cig, but she continued to use it and has been for two years. She went back to her doctor who was surprised at how clear her lungs were and her blood pressure had dropped! He congratulated her on quitting smoking and she said, I’m still vaping and I never stopped. He said he definitely needed to do some more research and jotted down a bunch of information concerning the e-cig from my friend.

Other Doctor Reviews Worth Mentioning

Dr. David Baron, M.D., who is the Chief of Staff at the UCLA Santa Monica Hospital clearly sees that the electronic cigarette should be looked upon in the same manner as nicotine gum or patches. He speaks about the harmful toxins in traditional cigarettes and how none of this is in e-cigarettes since it is only vaporized nicotine. People that have had health problems due to smoking and later switched to e-cigarettes saw the exact health improvements as those that used NRTs or quit cold turkey.

It’s the Nicotine Not the Cigarette

I can’t tell you the number of times I have corrected someone who said, “Nicotine from smoking causes so many health problems”. This is simply untrue and has never been proven. Nicotine in and of itself is a stimulant but so is coffee and neither cause long-term health problems. Burning tobacco and inhaling the carcinogens is what causes the health problems including cancer, heart disease, and strokes, to name a few.

If you search the Internet you will find several e-cigarette doctor reviews and many have even made videos that can be found on YouTube. Some seem to be holding back their views because of the controversy, but others are speaking boldly that it is a safer way for a smoker to smoke or for someone to stop smoking entirely.

Obviously I am passionate on the subject of electronic cigarettes because I have seen personally how they can change a life for the better. Health improvements after switching from analog cigarettes to e-cigs is the same as what you find for those that quit and did not use e-cigarettes at all. My overall health has greatly improved I know longer have a smoker’s hack and my lungs are nice and clear and I still am vaping!

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