What is an E-Cigar?

The E-cigar is a unique device in the electronic cigarette world. It’s made to be roughly in the same dimensions as a normal cigar would be but of course, it’s basically a supersized e-cig. While there are some refillable ones on the market, disposable versions of the E-cigar seem to be the most popular. This is probably because if you’re a cigar smoker, you typically only smoke them here and there, not all day.

Let’s check out refillables vs disposables to get a better perspective on how they work.

Refillable E-Cigars

A refillable E-cigar is going to be the most popular choice for a cigar smoker who wants to simply cut down or quit normal cigars completely. It’s very relaxing to have a cigar at the end of a busy day or to puff on while you work or enjoy your favorite hobby.

E-cigar refills come in a huge variety and they have been custom made to emulate your favorite sizes, blends, styles, manufacturers and similar factors. No matter how large you like your cigars, you can find something very close to that in a refillable e-cigar model.

Refillables are great for those who like to mix and match flavors and strengths and the refills come in packs of 5, 10, 20 and more. It’s common for people to just order a variety at once then as they find one they like, simply order more refills of that type.

Disposable E-Cigars

This is more for the “special occassion” cigar smoker. Maybe you relax on the patio with one cigar per week or you like to have friends over for a poker and cigar night. This is where the disposable e-cigar shines. You can order them in packs for all your friends or just get a single one for yourself. These will last between 600 and 1500 puffs so can absolutely make it through the entire day and night.

How Do They Work?

The E-cigar has a battery and atomizer inside the body of the cigar. Refills and disposables both have mouthpieces that can feel and look like a real cigar. In these mouthpieces is the “e-liquid” that evaporates via the atomizer each time you puff. This produces a very satisfying amount of vapor and you can customize the amount of nicotine you want in any e-cigar disposable or refill.

Where Can I Get Them?

Luckily, we’ve taken the time to compile a list. We will be adding more as we find them so bookmark this page and check back often!

Premium E-cigars

Premium has a great selection of E-cigars for you to choose from. They also have tons of accessories to ensure the best vaping experience possible.

Click here to check out Premium E-Cigars


The SafeCig E-cigar, called the “Las Vegas Smoker” or “Safe Cigar” is a large unit that is so popular you can’t typically even order the thing. That’s a good sign.

Click here to check out the Safe Cigar (if not sold out)

More To Come!

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