Camel Cigarettes: Is There an E-Juice That Compares?

In the world of analog cigarettes a few brands seem to rule supreme. Camel and Marlboro are definitely the rulers of the cigarette kingdom and they seem to have a good 50/50 split in fans. They don’t quite taste the same so when you start looking for an e-juice substitute you can’t choose a random tobacco flavor.  You’ll have to seek out a blend that is specifically produced to emulate that Camel flavor you’re looking for.

Marlboro has hundreds of e-juice versions but Camel, not so much. The number of them has increased quite a bit in the past few years, however, and I’ve gotten a chance to try a few out. Here’s my results:

My Freedom Smokes

This e-juice manufacturer has been around for a couple years but hasn’t gained as much popularity as it should. They have a wide range of flavors but their tobaccos come highly recommended on e-cig forums and review sites. Their version of Camel is called “Camel” and comes in nicotine levels from 0mg to a whopping 48mg. I tried a small bottle of their 24mg and it really comes close to that normal Camel taste. This is definitely one worth trying.

Alien Visions

To me, this company makes liquid gold. This is probably my all-time favorite supplier but their downside is they sometimes have personal issues and the orders are stopped for a bit. People do have lives and this is understandable. I actually got a free bottle of their Camel flavor once when I ordered a few other flavors. It was 12mg and that’s a little on the low side for me but the flavor really came through. It’s a very mild flavor but that’s what Camels are known for, smoothness. This is a best buy and pick up some Boba’s Bounty while you’re there.


The last true “Camel” flavor I’ve tried came from PureSmoker. This is a very good high quality tobacco and I really want more of it. My problem is I have too many juice bottles around as it is. It’s in my lineup but I have to finish some of my others first to make room. Lots of people agree this brand is top of the line and is a great alternative to regular Camels.

If you’re looking for an exact duplication of a burning cigarette, really there isn’t anything. The only way to recreate that smoke taste is to infuse a liquid with the actual smoke then what good is using an e-cig at all. You’re still getting those chemicals you don’t want, just in a different form. E-liquids are very pure and even though some do exist that utilize some burned materials, you should probably avoid them.

Stick with something that comes recommended by other Camel smokers. Camel e-juices will always be called something familiar like Camel, Kamel, Turkish, Desert, Dune, Sahara or something that should remind you of a real camel and the desert. If you just switched, stick with high nicotine levels like 24mg at first then adjust it from there to suit your personal needs.

Here’s a review of the My Freedom Smokes Camel E-Juice

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